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Shaftesbury Bowling Club lies on the edge of this Dorset town with a history that goes back to Saxon times. Perched on a hill it has extensive views into Wiltshire to Alfred’s Tower, into Somerset and across the Blackmore Vale into Dorset. It was made famous in the early 1970s by Ridley Scott with the ‘Boy on a Bike’ advertisement on Gold Hill  and with it medieval wall and cobbled street is one of the most recognised views in Britain.

In the town there are a wide range of independent shops pubs are restaurants as well as a fine collection of historic buildings.


The club is able to offer visitors a well maintained green, catering changing and toilet facilities and a well stocked bar. There is a private car park attached to the club. For more details about the facilities see the section ‘About the Club’.

Find Us:

Shaftesbury Bowling Club

Bleke Street


Dorset SP7 8QA


01747 850 346